Sunday, July 20, 2008

Too Hot to Whine...

Sometimes it's good to de-comfort one's self to recalibrate a sense of appreciation. Tonight is that night for me.

Complications forced me out of my summer campground and onto a parking lot for a night. Knowing it's temporary and knowing I have it good otherwise, I'm here, but I'm hot.

I'm trying to be low-key, knowing it's not a parking lot like WalMart, so I'm technically not suppose to stay here. I am hoping for a night where I don't get disturbed by the rap-rap on Tillie's door telling me to move. I don't do well going from a solid sleep to driving.

My deep appreciation for a breeze, even a warm one, is top on my mind right now. I'm trying to not appear to be here--thus opening the shade to open the window is a no-no. I've cheated a bit, and figure I am probably more obvious than I would guess. Going to sleep will be the test, because where I'm parked determines how liberally I can invite in the cool air.

I'm whining. People with much less than me have much more to complain about. People on the streets have no privacy, no safety. Families in crappy, air-condition-less motels that take all their limited money have something to whine about. Not me, not tonight. Tomorrow I can whine about battery power.