Sunday, June 21, 2009

Milestones and Miles to Go

48 states. Heading into 5 years of living in Tillie. Who'd ever thunk?

I do remember 5 years ago as my plan to create this unconventional approach to homeless advocacy evolved. Even I had those moments when I thought I was nuts. Especially the RV piece.

After years of scoffing at RVers, I was to become one. No! But yes. And now I'm plotting my next--last?--cross-country venture.

This trip, if it materializes, has all the ingredients to pump my adrenalin. I am more determined than ever to give homeless families and teens visibility, especially in districts where their legislators have demonstrated cluelessness as recently illustrated by our homeless definition campaign's rejection.

Between now and the next few weeks I'm planning to clear out the stuff I don't need, paring my already semi-Spartan digs down further. I'll make greater use of my scanner and use/stash less paper. Getting my wires under control is also a priority before I strangle myself.

I also want to improve the ergonomic conditions I face daily by adjusting my workspace height. I saw an adjustable table in a campers' magazine. Yeah, I need to do something to adjust this table height. How remains to be seen....

Funny how things that were issues, concerns and unknowns are now non-issues. I'd like to think I'm learning to prioritize, that life in Tillie has taught me to value what is important. That's a lesson that needs some practice. The test will probably come in ways I don't expect.