Saturday, May 16, 2009

Negligent Blogger Confesses!

Where did this past month go?

I'm back in IL for the time being, safely ensconced at a friend's...perfect spot! Next week we plan a trip northward, to points unknown.

Hard to believe this will be my 4th summer living in Tillie. It seems normal, and nice, until the heat gets here. I'm still debating summer travel plans.

One of my likely trips will be to catch up with Zach, the amazing 11-year-old boy walking from "My House to the White House" to raise awareness about homeless children. Seeing as we're not having much luck getting Congress to pass a decent definition of homelessness, I'm not adverse to desperate measures.

My work trying to raise awareness of homeless children continues. I'm blogging my fool head off, including on the poverty blog at I've been trying to keep up with Facebook
and have even begun to post new videos to YouTube.

No promises for exciting posts here for a while, but who knows??!! Happy Spring-Summer!