Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Trailer Trash' Thoughts

A friend sent a trailer trash email with a collection of photos of this bazillion dollar RV. Kind of puts Tillie to shame. But, as Tillie and I continue our trek through this amazing country, I've accumulated some valuable observations--not valuable enough to earn the bucks needed to purchase and operate the above RV mansion, but some worth sharing with the blogsphere.

I had the um, occasion, to lose my generator tailpipe, the one that dangled below the genny, requiring me to replace it when I was going to need that shot of power while boondocking. Trying to replace it is like trying to find parts for a Model-T. Has the RV industry missed the computer revolution?

My RV dealer, that I'll try not to name, when I request a part, acts like the only way to figure out the part number is to look at the rig. Um, you even have my VIN number, so you should know exactly what model I'm driving.

Argh! The cord that operates one side of my window shade is ready to snap. And that looks like a relatively simple problem that will cost a bundle to fix. Any bright ideas will be appreciated.

Driving down a relatively empty Interstate the other day, I inadvertently veered over the rumble strip. No biggie. Then I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a hubcap heading for the weeds in the median. Nah, couldn't be my hubcap, because the one on the driver's side rear is already missing. Mile marker 87. Rats. I didn't stop and I'm not going back. Any good ideas for cheap hubcap replacements?

My good friends Rich and Mary Jean are hosting me in their nice driveway while I'm in their fairly warm state during this holiday season. They, for the first time, put up lights on their house. Tillie effectively blocks the view. They haven't evicted me. True friends!

If anyone wants to get me something for Christmas, I'd love those high-hanging mirrors on that mega-rig above. When driving through metro traffic I feel like Dumbo with big ears. Let's see, what else do I want? That cute red car would be nice, and then I'd need a place to put it. Might as well get me the whole enchilada. How much could that cost???