Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best Laid Plans

If I had my way I'd be parked at McDowell Mountain county park, slide out, tanks dumped, and my Baby Q grill all ready to cook a nice Christmas meal.

I'm not. I'm in IL sitting in a hospital room at the bedside of a friend who fell and broke her hip. Fortunately she's doing well.

I'd like to post my thoughts on a more pleasant concept....county parks.

As I've traveled these past 2 years, especially through the backroads, I've noticed a little-advertised treat--county or city parks that accommodate RVs, usually for lots cheaper than the parking lot-like private RV campgrounds.

Maybe a directory or website holds the key to these little havens. If so I'd be happy to know about it. They are several steps up from the Wal-Mart alternative, especially in areas where no state parks are available.

Speaking of the big box WM, could it be true that they managed to pass a state law in Nevada forbidding the overnight use of WM parking lots so RVers would be forced to go to casinos??? That's what a kindly security guard told me. He did suggest that Sam's doesn't have a similar problem. Any info on this trend would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happiness Is!


There, I've said it. It's my Mom's fault. She kept mentioning articles she read in the Times, and when I'd visit she'd share.

Being on the road gives one a hankering for stability in at least one aspect of life. For me it's the NYT.

Imagine my delight when I realized that I'm staying a month in an Arizona community that would give me the option to get one dropped on Tillie's doorstep each morning. Otherwise I end up driving around, looking for Starbucks, the most reliable place to find NYT, and spending my $1.25 for real news.

Sometimes it's the big little things that make me happy. I'm not gonna think about what my withdrawal will be when I move on and have to go back to the ol' fashioned way of hunting for the NYT....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Time for Christmas Shopping

After a week away from Tillie as I spent mid-holiday time with family I'm glad to be back to my humble abode.

Christmas has never been my favorite holiday as things have become way too distorted. Since I'm surrounded by the distorted elements, I was happy to discover a gem of a short (VERY worthwhile 20 minute) video called "
The Story of Stuff," which adds an invaluable perspective for anyone going out shopping for, well, stuff.

I'd be negligent if I failed to offer an alternative for gift giving:
HEAR US, my nonprofit organization that gives voice and visiblity to homeless kids, needs support. Your donations can make that happen. If you'd like a gift certificate to announce your (tax-deductible) donation on behalf of someone, email me at diane@hearus.us and I'll send one out your way.

Monday, December 10, 2007

How Hard Can This Be???

It can't be that hard, and if you ask me it's a possible job opportunity for some harder-to-employ folks, but that's down the road.

For now, why can't this nation use its sophisticated, well, not sophisticated, just plain ordinary ability to RECYCLE?

Some states I travel have elaborate and comprehensive systems, the best being OR. Some states almost invite you to toss everything into one big bin, recycling be damned.

For a nation that needs to address some huge environmental concerns, I think we should get started with some baby steps. What's missing here? Political will? Public sentiment? Recycling bins that actually take stuff for recycling? Yup.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here I go!

After 2 years on the road full-time in my (no product recognition) RV, I've decided to weigh in on some important RVers' topics.

Today I'll just offer gratitude. A mere 2 weeks ago I sat at Harris State Park in OR, right on the coast. It was blissful in many ways, though my Sprint data card was useless there.

I had come from a small town near Portland, OR where I visited a family--mom, dad and 3 girls--who had lived in a tent for the last 6 months. I filmed their plight for an upcoming domumentary I'm working on (see www.hearus.us). That visit squelched any complaining I could find myself doing about my "rugged" way of life. see Dec. 5, http://invisible-homeless-kids.blogspot.com/

Shortly after leaving that spot, the west US coast got slammed with ferocious storms that would have blown me to Missouri. It made me so grateful to know that this family was able to move into a real house right before Thanksgiving.

So I'm happy to be alive, well, and situated in a little campground in Wickersburg, AZ, where I have electricity, water, and peace. Will be moving on to Phoenix. Would love some tips on finding dumpsites there....