Sunday, October 11, 2009

Appreciating Water, Electricity and Flat Spots

It's that time again, where I'm rolling across country on an insanely ambitious endeavor, the HEAR US Learning Curve Express.

And as I roll, I'm remembering that my summer's security--access to water, electricity, and dumps--is behind me. Before me are question marks. Where I'm going? Who will volunteer to participate? What support I'll receive? and What surprises I'll encounter?

Already I'm doing without--I'm low on water. I have no place to plug in, therefore no heat unless I run the generator to power the heater. And dumping will be an issue in a couple

But what I'm doing pales in comparison to the struggles of invisible homeless families and
teens. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing--to give them voice and visibility.

Don't think I'm not just a tad irate after watching Michael Moore's latest film, Capitalism A Love Story. Fat cats ravage global economies, destroy businesses, ruin families, and gloat. Frankly, after watching this greed-busting movie, I found myself even more motivated to shine a light on homeless families.
Afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted.
Me and Tillie. We're going to do our best. Follow along. It could get interesting!

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