Saturday, November 8, 2008

Almost Heaven!

After a grueling October, traveling to hither-and-yon, I'm parked in a divine spot.

What qualifies for "divine" according to this RV-er, starting her 4th cross-country trip? After crossing NY in an Oct. nor'easter, just about anything could be an improvement. But here are the top items on my list:

  • VIEW--I'm fine with parking lot stops, especially when it saves HEAR US dollars. But no comparing the side of a building with a lake, my current view, shown below. The view is my primo-perk!
  • UTILITIES--ok, I have to admit after my few days/nights parked (sans power) under the canopy of a DC hotel for the NAEHCY conference, I no longer take electricity for granted. My "current" spot offers not only power but water. It's been so long since I've had a direct water hook-up that I almost miss the sound of the pump.
  • CHEAP GAS--I know we pay for gas, and Tillie's high-octane footprint pains me. But so do artificially inflated gas prices that make a select few rich. On the way down here I encountered something I haven't seen since the beginning of my journey--gas for $1.96 a gallon (when using the gas card provided by my former Joliet student and friend Karen). I felt like I was stealing gas.
  • PEACE--It's an internal and external experience. The quiet and beauty of this setting does a lot to affect my internal peace of mind. OK, so does the result of our presidential election. I have a glimmer of hope.
  • MISC.--level counts for a lot! And easy access to propane refills and a dump. Toss in quality grocery stores nearby.
What RV perks do you hold dear?

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