Friday, November 28, 2008

Scrooge? Or Sensible?

Take this beautiful spot, plop in your RV, and that's all the decorating a person should need in my way of thinking.

Driving through the holiday-inflated campground tonight, with rain keeping the outside activities to a minimum, I was exposed to the other way of thinking--park the RV and hang holiday lights. Yikes!

I imagine most of these weekend invaders will be packing up their sparkly holiday lights, cruising by the dump, and heading home on Sunday. But for now they've turned this beautiful spot into Atlantic City boardwalk tacky.

Maybe they're lighting up "Black Friday" to lift everyone's spirits. At least the gas prices are cooperating, a boon for the RVers of this world, and a bust for the conservation mentality that was temporarily peeking its head out. I saw gas at $1.59, not a discount gas station either. It was more than that when I started off on this sojourn 3 years ago.

I'm all for shaking the pervasive doom-and-gloom that the media is wallowing in now. It's contagious, and if things are as bad as I imagine they are, we don't need a full-fledged lemming-like panic to make it worse.

Maybe those little lights are peoples' way of staving off the recession-inflation-deflation blues. For me, I'll just look out at this view and rejoice that no one can park between me and this spectacular view.

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