Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Not?

Tillie dwarfed by snowy mountains 3 years ago. We just missed a huge storm, but the remnants of it were thought-provoking. This was the pretty stuff. I didn't stop for pix in the more intimidating part.

I'm in a weird spot now--perfectly content, having all I need--electricity, water, a vehicle to chase around in, ideal weather, good friends, and no push to leave. The Phoenix area at this time of year is beautiful--signs of spring brighten up this usually brown resort area.

So why am I so restless? I'm not sure, but I am. And I'm willing to give up Nirvana to set out to the nether lands. How weird is that? It is.

My official business here is almost done and should be wrapped up by tomorrow. So I could, would, should leave Thursday. Reno is my next destination, but I don't need/want to be there too soon, so I'm thinking about how to go without taking the routes I've traveled before.

Heading north to go east of the Grand Canyon and into Utah would take me on a route I haven't traveled since I was in college, when my vehicle was a '68 Firebird sans snowtires, and my traveling companion/college roommate Pat and I were feeling quite full of ourselves until the blizzard hit, forcing our route to change (the least of the possible catastrophes as we drove at night through a blinding snowstorm in the mountains).

I'm quite tempted, and barring other options popping up that make more sense, Tillie and I will likely head for a scenic route. Sure, I'll check weather forecasts, knowing that springtime storms blast across the mountains picking up weirdness from California, and I don't want to test my mountain driving skills in a blizzard. The all-important campground with electricity has diminished in importance after my weeks of boondocking this trip.

But I do want adventure, or at least a less-than-tedious drive across NV, so the northerly route it will be. And who knows when/if I'll pass this way again. I say go for it! What say you?

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