Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best Laid Plans

If I had my way I'd be parked at McDowell Mountain county park, slide out, tanks dumped, and my Baby Q grill all ready to cook a nice Christmas meal.

I'm not. I'm in IL sitting in a hospital room at the bedside of a friend who fell and broke her hip. Fortunately she's doing well.

I'd like to post my thoughts on a more pleasant concept....county parks.

As I've traveled these past 2 years, especially through the backroads, I've noticed a little-advertised treat--county or city parks that accommodate RVs, usually for lots cheaper than the parking lot-like private RV campgrounds.

Maybe a directory or website holds the key to these little havens. If so I'd be happy to know about it. They are several steps up from the Wal-Mart alternative, especially in areas where no state parks are available.

Speaking of the big box WM, could it be true that they managed to pass a state law in Nevada forbidding the overnight use of WM parking lots so RVers would be forced to go to casinos??? That's what a kindly security guard told me. He did suggest that Sam's doesn't have a similar problem. Any info on this trend would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all....

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