Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here I go!

After 2 years on the road full-time in my (no product recognition) RV, I've decided to weigh in on some important RVers' topics.

Today I'll just offer gratitude. A mere 2 weeks ago I sat at Harris State Park in OR, right on the coast. It was blissful in many ways, though my Sprint data card was useless there.

I had come from a small town near Portland, OR where I visited a family--mom, dad and 3 girls--who had lived in a tent for the last 6 months. I filmed their plight for an upcoming domumentary I'm working on (see That visit squelched any complaining I could find myself doing about my "rugged" way of life. see Dec. 5,

Shortly after leaving that spot, the west US coast got slammed with ferocious storms that would have blown me to Missouri. It made me so grateful to know that this family was able to move into a real house right before Thanksgiving.

So I'm happy to be alive, well, and situated in a little campground in Wickersburg, AZ, where I have electricity, water, and peace. Will be moving on to Phoenix. Would love some tips on finding dumpsites there....

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