Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Time for Christmas Shopping

After a week away from Tillie as I spent mid-holiday time with family I'm glad to be back to my humble abode.

Christmas has never been my favorite holiday as things have become way too distorted. Since I'm surrounded by the distorted elements, I was happy to discover a gem of a short (VERY worthwhile 20 minute) video called "
The Story of Stuff," which adds an invaluable perspective for anyone going out shopping for, well, stuff.

I'd be negligent if I failed to offer an alternative for gift giving:
HEAR US, my nonprofit organization that gives voice and visiblity to homeless kids, needs support. Your donations can make that happen. If you'd like a gift certificate to announce your (tax-deductible) donation on behalf of someone, email me at and I'll send one out your way.

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